What is the best Mazda ever made?

Over the past couple of years Mazda have created many cars and are very popular around the world. But which is the most popular Mazda that has been created?

Mazda have shipped over a million units of the Mazda 6 and the sales are still high because of the constant upgrades and revisions of the model. It was first designed as a replacement to the immensely popular Mazda 626 and the first vehicles were produced in 2002.

The model was applauded for its great sleekness and top-notch performance which, when combined with well-known Japanese quality which made Mazda 6 one of the best cars of all time. The fact that it was available in a variety of types; sedan, hatchback and estate, this made the vehicle more successful.

Mazda parts MX-5

Do I need a new Mazda MX-5?

Call it a midlife crisis, but I’m really liking the new Mazda Mx-5. It shouldn’t be so surprising, because it looks gorgeous in every way, its specs are incredible and, what is also improtant, it is not as expensive as other cars in that segment. But why would I buy it? I already have a car in my garage! No, I have two! Why would I get a third one? How would I pay for all the gas, yearly health-checks and Mazda spares (yeah, I’ve got 2 Mazdas in my garage and I want a third one, don’t judge me 🙂 )? I know I can’t really afford it, but I could say I’m in love with MX-5. What’s wrong with me, guys and gals? Am I really that old that I have to start a car collection? I’m not a prince of Dubai!

Anyway, if I buy it, I’ll try to review it briefly. But don’t count on an unbiased opinion – I already love this car, even though I don’t have it yet.

Reminiscing about Mazdas

My friend sent me a link to this clip and a tear ran down my cheek. I had the exact same model of Mazda!

I wish I had it. With the availability of various Mazda parts I could restore my beloved RX3 without any problem. But I sold it fifteen years ago, because I thought it was irreparable. Why wasn’t Internet made widely available a couple years earlier? 😦

Oldtimers need technology too!

It might seem that repairing your Japanese car could pose a serious problem – no replacement parts available on hand, not many workshops experienced in Asian vehicle maintenance and the overall cost of the repairs may scare you. But you must know that nowadays, in the wake of the online shops and used mazda parts (which are as good as new!) no car is expensive to maintain. Furthermore, it’s not even too expensive to buy!

For example – I bought my used Mazda 6 on the Internet and everything went smoothly – the guy who sold it to me was living 80 miles from me, in Cheshire, yet the whole deal took me a couple of hours – I’ve driven there, checked if the car was in the state the Internet ad said and bought it immediately. I may be old, but I know that such helpful technology has to be appreciated. 20 years ago I’d have to look through newspapers and go through a dozen of sellers to find a car I might be interested in, and now I’ve found the Mazda I was looking for in 3 minutes (I’ve checked my watch!).All of you old-timers who are afraid of the technology – stop. Use it!

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Mazda 6

Mazda 6 is a beauty in every aspect